A Foreign-Language Internet Strategy Can Boost Your Sales

Did you know that 82% of European consumers are less likely to buy online if the site is not in their native tongue?

This survey done by Eurobarometer brings us directly to a very interesting article recently published in « Online Media Daily« . « How Foreign-Language Internet Strategies Boost Sales » by Christian Arno focuses on opportunities to bolster sales in overseas markets easily and affordably by using foreign-language websites. « Although English has long been the lingua franca of the Web, it has now reached a point of saturation. It is becoming incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to compete with those billions of optimized Web pages vying for consumer attention. While businesses are engaging on all e-marketing fronts, there’s a largely untapped opportunity that the vast majority have failed to embrace: foreign-language Internet », says Arno.

The author presents several very impressive figures on internet language usage and points out flourishing markets in times of global recession.

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