MultiLing Collaborates with Local Universities

MultiLing Corporation recently launched a collaboration initiative with Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University (additional colleges and universities are anticipated). MultiLing is experiencing significant growth and has a growing need to hire foreign language talent-individuals who can translate and localize patents, marketing materials, and other documents for « high-tech, » medical, manufacturing, and other international clients.

Finding qualified and interested candidates is a top priority for the company. Universities have complementary needs and make ideal partners to address these labor market employment issues. MultiLing seeks to hire students and graduates, while universities seek employment opportunities to « place » students and graduates. In addition, university faculty benefit from collaborations with MultiLing where they find « real world » applications for principles and models taught in the classroom. Working with colleges and universities, MultiLing will create internships, orient advisers and faculty to translation career opportunities, coach freshman and sophomore students about majors and courses, and recruit graduates. Universities and corporations share a mutual responsibility to improve the communities in which they reside or from which they draw their students. Collaborations between MultiLing and the company’s college and university neighbors should strengthen these « town and gown » relationships.

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