Thinking of Taking Your Company International? “Don’t Wait and Don’t Go It Alone” Advises Panel at Global Commerce Roundtable

<em>November 4th, 2010</em>

The recent Global Commerce Roundtable 2010 hosted by MultiLing Corporation and the World Trade Center Utah provided exceptionally valuable information to a large, attentive audience at the Salt Lake Chamber.

The program began with a presentation of the “2010 Utah Pioneer for International Development” award to Ofelia Wade, currently the Utah Spanish Dual Immersion Coordinator.  Ofelia Wade was the principal of the Spanish Dual Immersion program at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Davis School District from 2005 to 2010. Eagle Bay was one of the pilot schools for the Utah Dual Immersion program (which is currently in 40 Utah elementary schools in three languages Chinese, French, Spanish and will expand to over 100 schools by 2014 in five languages).


Panel members including Brian Chandler, VP of Product Development, MultiLing Corporation, Lew Cramer: President, World Trade Center Utah, David Fiscus, Director: Utah Export Assistance Center, Mark Madrian: Managing Director, Ceteris Group, Chris Boyle: CEO, Access Technology Solutions, Keith Martin: Former Director, International Sales, Martin Doors focused their presentations on a brief description of their company or organization and then provided invaluable tips on the when and how to expand internationally.

Topics included:

  • How do you know when it is time to take your company international and how do you decide what markets to explore?
  • What are some prime regions of the world to expand into and which should be avoided?
  • When is it best to simply export your product/services overseas vs. setting up an overseas partner vs. establishing an office overseas?
  • How do other countries view Utah relative to our openness, readiness for international business?