How to Plan and Stretch an IP budget – Inside Counsel Magazine

January 8, 2014

How to plan and stretch an IP budget

In spite of a worldwide economy that can seem downright stagnant at times, intellectual property filings are rising around the globe. This trend reflects the level to which corporate management believes that IP is important – and not just in domestic markets. As companies seek to protect and monetize their intellectual property, they must take a global view, looking at different locales as they develop their IP strategies.

Todd Rapier, EVP of worldwide sales at MultiLing, sees one common theme in terms of IP budgets. Companies make a safe, broad statement to over the requirements of foreign filings, first filings, etc. But what Rapier is hearing from inside counsel is that they are “not getting the correlating budget, forcing them to make choices that they might not want to make when it comes to foreign filings.” This budgetary issue, Rapier says, is forcing them to look at their best practices.

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